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Fishing and Outdoors shirts
Fishing and Outdoors shirts


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Our shirts are used by Anglers and Fishing teams in Europe, as well as athletes competing in disc golf tournaments! It is also the perfect shirt for hiking or just sitting by a fire surrounded by like-minded people.

It is important to look good!

We have made these shirts specifically for sport fishing, for both fishings from a boat or the shore. There were a lot of trimmings made - we cut, sew, and measured again and again until the result satisfied us and professional athletes. We also offer you to modify not only the shirts design but also the structure of the shirt – you can choose whether the shirt is going to be very ventilated (recommended for hot weather) with a mesh fabric on the sides and armpits, or choose a less breathable material! The shirt is based on a sports warm-up fabric that is mainly used for sewing thin tracksuits or basketball warm-up shirts. The fabric is durable, shiny, and smooth on the outside, but soft and moisture-wicking on the inside, you can choose the collar as you like – high, low or only soft roll type – sleeves are possible with elastic or just ordinary seams. Variations for other shirt materials are also possible, that is why you should write to us and e-mail with a description of your ideal outdoor shirt!

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