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Juniors and Seniors
Juniors and Seniors


That’s easy!


All you have to do is write us an e-mail, telling us what you want and what style of uniforms you like, for example – “We like how the Toronto Maple Leaves uniforms look, we would like the same style, except our club colors are…”


In the attachments, you have to include your team's LOGO (vector format PDF. AI. EPS.). If your team doesn’t have a logo yet – we can help with that too. Our brand has designed more than 100 logos for both amateur and professional teams. If you order your uniforms from us, then your club logo will cost a symbolic price and in your possession, you will have a professionally designed team logo, which you can later print on t-shirts, baseball caps, flags and wherever you want!


But back to hockey uniforms!


So, write us an email with your ideas, style, colors and if there are any special wishes, then those too! Our artist will contact you and make a design specifically for your club – we do not and never will have design templates – because each team is unique and special to us and that is why we will create a special design for every team, although it will be a little different from your favorite teams – it will be YOUR club's design.


Size chart table will help you determine your size, but remember – a hockey shirt is NOT a tuxedo – better to choose a bigger size ;)


Hockey goalkeepers have a different design of shirts, designed specifically for them. There are two sizes for these shirts – XL (for goalkeepers under 170cm/ 5ft 6) and XXL (for goalkeepers over 175cm/ 5ft 7), but remember that every goalkeeper is different!


If there are any questions, then be sure to ask us, that is why we are here – to answer and help you!

Hockey jersey's size chart
  • Junior S - 5'3"tf
  • Junior M - 5'6"ft
  • Junior L - 6'0"ft
  • Junior XL - 6'2"ft
  • Senior S
  • Senior M
  • Senior L
  • Senior XL
  • Senior XXL